Lighting Audits

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Conserving energy-and costs-can be as easy as changing a light bulb


If you're not yet ready to tackle an Energy Audit, a great first step in your overall energy conservation plan, during a Lighting Audit, Conserve Energy Solutions experts:

  • visit your facility and assess your floor plan, space usage, available natural light and existing lighting systems

  • provide a detailed analysis of your current lighting systems

  • offer recommendations for conserving energy through lighting systems improvement

A Conserve team member can get you started. See how a Conserve Lighting Audit added up to big savings for one Illinois hospital.

Ready to Start Saving?  Contact Darren Volle to Get Started!

Darren Volle is a LEED Certified Professional with an advanced certificate in renewable energy and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois. Darren joined the Conserve team in 2012 and shares a lifelong passion for saving energy and environmental stewardship. Contact Darren at 217-747-7223 or by email