B-L B2009PA-ZN-3/4

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B-L B2009PA-ZN-3/4 3/4 COND CLAMP TOP 500 ITEM

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Pipe/Conduit Clamp; Type Pipe/Rigid Conduit to Strut, Pre-Assembled; Material ASTM A1011/A653/B633 14 Gauge Low Carbon Steel; Finish Zinc Electroplated; Trade Size 3/4 Inch; Load Rating 600 Lb (Vertical), 75 Lb (Longitudinal/Transverse); Includes Combination Recess Hex Head Machine Screw and Square Nut; Safety Factor 5
Cooper B-Line (Eaton)  /  B2009PA-ZN-3/4

Pipe/Conduit Clamp

B-L B2009PA-ZN-3/4 3/4 COND CLAMP TOP 500 ITEM

SE Part Number: 120508

UPC:  78101161024

Part Number: B2009PA-ZN-3/4

UNSPSC: 31162906

Status:  STOCK

Country of Origin:  United States of America (the)

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Additional Information

  • Safety Factor 5
  • Includes Combination Recess Hex Head Machine Screw and Square Nut
  • This Coating is Usually Recommended for Indoor Use in Relatively Dry Areas, as it Provides Ninety-Six Hours Protection in Salt Spray
  • This Film is in Itself a Barrier Coating Which Slows Subsequent Corrosive Attack on the Zinc
  • When Exposed to Air and Moisture, Zinc Forms a Tough, Adherent, Protective Film Consisting of a Mixture of Zinc Oxides, Hydroxides and Carbonates
  • It is the Process by Which a Coating of Zinc is Deposited on the Steel by Electrolysis from a Bath of Zinc Salts
  • A Complete Selection of Beam Clamps, Pipe Clamps, Rollers, Supports and Accessories are Designed for Use with Our Channels and Offer Many Installation Advantages
  • Our Beam Attachments and Pipe Supports Offered in this Section are Designed to Provide Supports without Drilling or Welding
  • UNSPCS: 31162906
  • Package Weight (Pounds): 0.150
  • Item Weight (Pounds): 0.150
  • Load Rating: 600 Lb (Vertical), 75 Lb (Longitudinal/Transverse)
  • Trade Size: 3/4 Inch
  • Finish: Zinc Electroplated
  • Material: ASTM A1011/A653/B633 14 Gauge Low Carbon Steel
  • Type: Pipe/Rigid Conduit to Strut, Pre-Assembled
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