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Helping You Get the Job Done
We learned early on that the integrity of our people and the quality of their work drives our success. While our parts counters, warehouses, and delivery trucks keeps your facilities, cribs, and works crews fully stocked with the supplies you need; our field sales, technical specialists, and customer service representatives keeps your electricians, engineers, and maintenance crews informed and educated.

And, as always, our 24-hour Emergency Service is here for you. Day or night, if you’re faced with an emergency, our Customer Service Emergency contact list will put you in touch with Springfield Electric representatives that will do whatever they can to provide your needed products or service in short order. Contact your nearest Springfield Electric branch for an emergency contact directory.

We are proud to mention that many of our inside & outside salespeople are now C.E.P.'s (Certified Electrical Professionals) from the N.A.E.D. (National Assocaition of Electrical Distributors. Click here to find out what that means for you and who they are. 


Value-added services include:

  • Service, order, and delivery guarantees—ensuring your 100% satisfaction
  • Local inventory and same-day delivery—carrying product you need, when you need it
  • Lighting and energy audits—reviewing your needs for energy efficiency
  • Solid facilities solutions—offering strategies and thorough training
  • Materials management—providing “just-in-time” job site delivery
  • Crib management—keeping track of your inventory so you don’t have to

We also offer:

  • Online Order Entry—online access to product, orders, and price information
  • Counter sales area—experienced salespeople to fill your material needs
  • Will call/bullet service—orders filled and ready for pickup within minutes!
  • Competitive pricing—quality products at a fair price
  • Knowledgeable outside sales team—timely solutions to satisfy your requirements
  • Committed inside sales support—offering additional customer sales and services
  • Reliable quotations department—prompt and accurate project submittals
  • Convenient hours of operation—open when you need us
  • Wire-cutting services—saving you time and money
  • Training and technical support—assisting you in improving your capabilities

For more information about the services we provide, call your nearest Springfield Electric branch, or email us!