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PHNX 0816951 EML (38X17)R

Manufacturer: Phoenix Blocks | Catalog # 0816951 | Springfield Electric Part # 183254

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Label, Roll, white, unlabeled, can be labeled with: THERMOMARK ROLLMASTER 300/600, THERMOMARK X1.2, THERMOMARK ROLL X1, THERMOMARK ROLL 2.0, THERMOMARK ROLL, mounting type: adhesive, lettering field size: 38 x 17 mm, Number of individual labels: 2500

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Phoenix Products

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17 mm
38 mm
  • The EML self-adhesive device markers are particularly well suited for marking various types of equipment in control, system, and control cabinet manufacturing.
  • A wide range of marker sizes and colors are available for custom designs
  • When combined with the right ink ribbon, the marking is highly resistant to solvents and mechanical influences. The marking is even suitable for use under harsh industrial conditions.
  • The EML ... materials are UL-listed
  • Labeling service: Phoenix Contact can custom-label all EM ... markers in accordance with your requirements
  • CSA
  • UL Recognized