Hubbell Floor Boxes

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems provides Engineers and Designers with Hubbell Floor Box Receptacle resources, along with Recessed Electrical Floor Outlet specification designs. Hubbell Floor Boxes provide a uniform look throughout an entire building - whether the power, data, and AV are being delivered in the floor or through the floor.

Commercial Solutions

The technology demands of today's commercial environments continue to increases convergence, BYOD, IoT, and smart buildings take hold. The spaces we use for work, rest, travel, and entertainment are transforming as they use connectivity to sense, learn, and react to occupants and conditions. Anytime, anywhere access to power, data, voice, and multimedia devices is no longer a convenience - it's an expectation. Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems' commercial wiring devices support the demands of today and tomorrow. Keep connectivity, reliability, and uptime at the forefront with futureproof solutions.

Fire Classified Floor Box Solution

8/10-Gang Floor Boxes

Recessed Floor Boxes

Shop Floor Boxes

Flush Rectangular Non-Metalic
Flush Concrete 1-Gang Floor Box
Flush Round Single Service
Flush Concrete 2-Gang Floor Box
In-Floor Delivery System