According to National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) data, the typical electrical contractor’s revenues break down like this:

Cost of labor = 42%

Cost of materials = 34%
Subcontracting = 4%
Direct job expenses (overhead) = 17%

As shown in the graph, material and labor costs have the greatest impact on your profitability.

It’s estimated that approximately 40% of the total labor cost can be attributed to material handling: receiving, unpacking, storing, assembling, ordering, returning, moving or locating.

Inventory Ordering

With our ecommerce solution, ordering is easy with our mobile app or website.

  • Order individual products or use pre-built product groups
  • Order from your purchase history
  • Access product information sheets and videos
  • Scan barcodes to find your products
  • View real-time inventory and pricing

Technical Solutions & Support

When your project requires troubleshooting or technical expertise, turn to our Technical Solutions Team. This dedicated, experienced and well-trained group works closely with our sales team and suppliers to develop solutions relating to energy management, security, power distribution, IT infrastructure and more. These technical experts are accessible by phone, text or email, supported by our suppliers’ high quality products.

Fixture Carts

Utilizing fixture carts during installation will enhance productivity and reduce labor costs.

Fixture Cart features:

  • Carts hold 11 full-sized commercial light fixtures
  • Fixtures unpacked and inspected
  • Stored, staged and delivered to point of installation
  • Easy material handling – carts on wheels for movement to installation site
  • Carts easily fit through standard door openings

Fixture cart service includes unpacking, inspecting, staging, proper fixture ID marked, delivery and refill deliveries per your requested timeline/plan.

You can forget about unboxing, concealed damage, cardboard discard, and handling. You can focus on what you do best – installing.

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Project Photos

“We have used conexes provided by Springfield Electric for our last three large projects. Our Springfield Electric sales person inventories product each week and talks to project managers about what materials we need for the coming weeks. This keeps our materials organized and ensures that we have what we need on hand.”

- Jerry, Mt. Vernon, IL