As a Springfield Electric customer, you will benefit from our Wire Center where we stock a large inventory of colored feeder wire. Our specialized cutting machine delivers quick and accurate cuts, allowing for more efficient processing of large orders with multiple cuts.

Reduce labor time by requesting wire for your specific job:

  • Paralleling of colored feeder wire
  • Various wire reels including compartment reels
  • Cut-to-length wire
  • Pulling heads by a certified installer
  • On-time delivery (next-day on request)
  • Flatbed and side-load trucks (on request)

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Wire Reels


Compartment Reel
Return Required
**Fees apply if not returned or if damaged

Compartment Reel Capacity Chart

Reel- N- Reel
Return Required

Reel-n-Reel Capacity Chart

Standard Wood Reel
Return Preferred

Paralleled Standard Reel Capacity Chart

Let Us Install your Pulling Heads

Save time by letting our iTOOLco Certified Installers install your pulling heads before your order gets to the job site.

There is a $25 per pulling head charge

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