Agricultural Operations of all sizes can look to Springfield Electric for knowledge and products when it comes to handling unique lighting, automation, maintenance issues, and sustainable energy. Agricultural practices are constantly evolving; becoming more automated and efficient thanks to technology. At Springfield Electric we have the electrical supply expertise and solutions that Agriculture customers need in order to keep their operation up and running.

Whether you’re raising livestock or growing corn, our in-stock inventory and multiple locations provide the electrical supply solutions you need, whenever you need them.

Agricultural Control Systems

Our engineers offer services from the design of solar equipment controls and control panel building to programming through on-site implementation. We are flexible in our scope of work. We can assist in projects for a small piece of your operations or scaled projects as large as your entire facility. Specification includes products that will communicate across an operation, providing real-time data and control. The data collection can be used for quality control and preventive maintenance. Learn more about our extensive agricultural control system solutions and services.

We understand each facility operates differently. Our Control Panel Building service team can be an extension of your team!  We can help in various aspects of a project from concept to implementation to product specification Please provide the following information to be contacted by a Springfield Electric Application Engineer. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Solar Solutions

Springfield Electric’s Energy Solutions Team experts will support you in your project by determining potential incentives and return on your investment. They will guide you through the Solar consideration process, provide design consultation, free estimates, and submittals for incentive/rebate processing.

From June 2016 to June 2017, CONSERVE Energy Solution Team completed 266 projects (lighting, energy-saving and solar), returning over $2.5 Million in rebates to our customers, saving 29,770,162 kWh, resulting in a Cumulative annual customer savings of $2,381,612.

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Lighting and Energy Solutions

Beyond lighting, a total energy audit delivers more robust savings solutions. Conserve Energy Audits can offer a comprehensive review and analysis of your total energy usage along with recommendations and solutions for monitoring, managing and conserving energy. During an Energy Audit, Conserve Energy Solutions experts:

  • Visit your facility and assess systems and usage including lighting, motors and drives, process, and energy recovery.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of your facility’s energy usage.
  • Recommend energy and cost-saving solutions—like variable frequency drives, sensors and automation, and low voltage equipment—tailored to your operational needs.

An Energy Audit or Lighting Audit are great first steps in your overall energy conservation plan.

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