There are so many more important things to think about than energy management and electrical supply when you are in healthcare and education. Whether you are looking for energy and lighting solutions, renewable energy, automation, or preventative maintenance we have Experts that are there to help through the entire process. At Springfield Electric we make finding you the right products and solutions our priority, so you can make patients and students yours.

Health Care


Services we provide:

Lighting and Energy Solutions

Beyond lighting, a total energy audit delivers more robust savings solutions. Conserve Energy Audits can offer a comprehensive review and analysis of your total energy usage along with recommendations and solutions for monitoring, managing and conserving energy.

During an Energy Audit, Conserve Energy Solutions experts:

  • Visit your facility and assess systems and usage including lighting, motors and drives, process, and energy recovery.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of your facility’s energy usage.
  • Recommend energy and cost-saving solutions—like variable frequency drives, sensors and automation, and low voltage equipment—tailored to your operational needs.

An Energy Audit or Lighting Audit are great first steps in your overall energy conservation plan.

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Solar Solutions

Springfield Electric’s Energy Solutions Team experts will support you in your project by determining potential incentives and return on your investment. They will guide you through the Solar consideration process, provide design consultation, free estimates, and submittals for incentive / rebate processing.

From June 2016 to June 2017, CONSERVE Energy Solution Team completed 266 projects (lighting, energy saving and solar), returning over $2.5 Million in rebates to our customers, saving 29,770,162 kWh, resulting in a Cumulative annual customer savings of $2,381,612.

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At Springfield Electric, we do more than deliver traditional electrical parts and services. We have the knowledge and expertise to keep your facility and employees safe. Any position that is working with electricity can be dangerous. Whether you are working with electricity directly, such as those working as contractors or in industrial services, or you are in an office or sales position and working with electricity indirectly, electrical safety is an important factor of your environment.

The Energy Experts at Springfield Electric have the knowledge and resources to help you maintain a safe job site. Springfield Electric is the partner you can trust.

Safety Evaluation

Safety has a significant impact on your business. The Hubbell Safety Evaluation is a step-by-step checklist designed to help customers increase awareness of safety codes and identify potential safety problems. The Energy Experts at Springfield Electric and Hubbell are here to partner with you to “identify and correct safety hazards for reduced downtime and expense”. 

This evaluation is a complementary service designed to help customers increase awareness of safety codes and potentially avoid accidents.

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