With today’s abundant LED lighting selections, have you reviewed your facility’s lighting and control opportunities for updates?   A lighting audit can provide energy efficiency and energy cost-saving opportunities as well as suggestions for improved productivity, safety, and security.   So, if you have not visited your opportunities or are unsure how to get started in achieving your goals for improving your lighting performance and needs in your school, warehouse, factory, warehouse, or office building, now may be the time.

You may be incurring unnecessary risk, reducing worker productivity, and overpaying for electricity usage. Springfield Electric’s Lighting audit team can help your organization minimize liability, save energy costs, boost security, and create a plan for your facility up to date.

Springfield Electric Lighting Audits

Our lighting audits take an in-depth look at your lighting needs, illuminating areas for improvement and developing a comprehensive plan for achieving your goals. Performed by our team of lighting specialists with many years of industry experience and multiple Energy Auditor and Lighting Efficiency Professional certifications, our commercial and industrial lighting audits take a systematic approach to assessing the current state of your lighting, assessing gaps and deficiencies, devising the solution, and sketching out a plan for meeting your specific needs.

Our lighting audits follow a 3-step process: 

   Step 1 – Project Initiation – We collaborate with you/your staff and specialists to understand your lighting objectives and challenges.  We want to understand your ultimate primary goals. We’ll explore your current energy usage, savings opportunities, current and potential product options, and any     potential rebate offers.

    Step 2 – Facility Walkthrough – The Springfield Electric audit team will measure, evaluate, and document your facility’s size, light levels, fixture and lamp count, specific areas for optimal user light level requirements, and other details based on our comprehensive checklist refined through experience and standards in lighting audits and inspections. 

    Step 3 – Analysis and Proposal – The lighting audit team will then provide you with a detailed report detailing of findings and recommendations. These will include lamp and fixture specifications, photometric architecture, applicable incentives, return on investment, and more. 

Most lighting update projects will pay for themselves in 5 to 7 years!

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Implementing the Lighting Audit Results

Once our initial audit is complete, we will review the proposal with you, help with prioritization of opportunities based on your goals and potential return on investment. These include decisions regarding lamp replacements, retrofitting, rebates and incentives, lighting controls and service panel location, and more.

Springfield Electric maintains your goals at the forefront while offering our expertise and knowledge to impact the most efficient and economical process for these projects. This supports affordable projects through efficient scheduling and phasing of the upgrades uncovered through the lighting audits process. We can support and accommodate your timelines and minimize disruption based on your facilities’ needs. We are committed to making your facilities as bright, safe, and efficient as possible.

Our lighting audit services are available for a variety of businesses and institutions, including but not limited to:

  • Office and commercial buildings for which lighting accounts for an average of 39% of locations’ electric consumption.
  • Warehouses that present specific safety hazards due to blocked lighting, dark corners, and heavy foot and forklift traffic.
  • Parking lots and garages that may require extensive lighting to ensure employee and visitor safety and building security.
  • Schools, including K-12, to improve lighting efficiency and energy consumption, as well as, colleges and universities operating multiple buildings, laboratories, sports facilities, and other special-use areas that may require a timeline of planning for updates.

No matter what your facility is, Springfield Electric’s lighting audit and solutions can make a massive impact on your energy costs, safety, and performance.  

Contact us today to meet our accredited and knowledgeable team and see the results a lighting audit can provide for your facility.