Our Low Voltage team

Our Low Voltage specialists are here to help with your physical security, uninterrupted power supplies, cabling, and connectivity needs. We focus on developing IT solutions that maintain your infrastructure, keep assets safe, and back up critical devices.

  • Physical security system – Our team has the knowledge to help you select the products and system to implement safety and restrict entry to only those allowed.

  • Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS) – When you need to back-up critical devices, our specialist have the expertise to design a system to meet your demands and keep your operation functioning.

  • Cabling & Connectivity – Infrastructure is important for all types of businesses. We have the solutions to create a robust network and allow you to connect various devices throughout your entire operation.


Jason Haab

Low Voltage Support Specialist

Jason Haab joined the Low Voltage team with a background in IT / Telecommunications and has 26 years of experience in the industry. Jason holds several certifications that help him understand our customer’s challenges, and put together a solution that will exceed their goals and expectations. With a background installing these systems, it allows him to understand the systems from both a design and installation perspective.

Patrick Freiburg

Low Voltage Support Specialist

Patrick Freiburg joined the Springfield Electric team 12 years ago with years of experience and a degree in Broadcast Technology. Patrick holds several certifications that help him understand how the complexity and changing world of working with Video Surveillance, Access Control, Power Quality, or Structured Cabling. He enjoys the challenge of his job and that no two projects are the same, there are always new challenges and new solutions.

Scott Denney

Low Voltage Sales Specialist

Scott Denney has been a valuable member of the Springfield Electric team for 13 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to the Low Voltage Team from 10 years of experience installing security systems, audio/visual systems, and network infrastructure. Scott is a regular contributor to tED magazine articles about trending technologies in data centers. He finds it rewarding to find creative solutions that help them improve those processes.

“I enjoy the solution design aspect of my role. I also enjoy taking on projects that are challenging and being able to think outside the box to solve the customers needs or challenges they are facing.”

“My favorite part of my job is finding solutions for our customers to make their job easier and add value to their operation.”

“This job gives me the opportunity to stay connected with the latest trends in security and data center technologies as well as the necessary training to apply those technologies to solve customer’s problems with innovative solutions.”

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